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You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel nervous before your wedding, it’s how you cope with the nerves that really matter. At AA Executive Cars we know how easy it is for those butterflies to start building up in your tummy so we wrote this blog and hope that it helps to calm your pre-wedding fears.

  • Stay with friendly faces: Kip over at your mum and dads, nick the spare room at your mate’s or stay at your wedding venue the night before with friendly faces. It’ll help you to relax, ease you into the day gradually and you’ll have a shoulder to cry on if you suddenly feel like bursting into tears.
  • Take a soak in the tub: Allocate time to pamper yourself, spend half an hour in a bubbly bath or use the salon and spa treatments at your wedding hotel. Let somebody else look after you and it’ll take your mind off the day and leave you feeling fabulous as well.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: Try to get to bed at a reasonable time the night before your wedding, maybe go out for an early meal and make sure you hit the hay before midnight. You’ll be able to wake up earlier and that’ll give you more time to get ready and should relieve those nerves.
  • Ask for help: Delegate as many tasks as you can to your maid of honour and let her co-ordinate with contractors or the wedding planner at your venue. Don’t bottle things up, let other people help, many hands make light work after all!

Think about your partner: They’ll be just as nervous as you, just picture their face and think about why you are marrying them in the first place. This should be all you need to calm your nerves, the chances are you’ll want to run up the aisle!