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On your wedding day the photographer will have taken hundreds of photographs of you two and your guests so the task of choosing your favourites for the wedding album can seem daunting. If you’ve selected a package whereby you receive your photos on a CD then it’s even more daunting to go through and create your own album. It’s important to remember that your wedding album will be your permanent reminder of your special day, so follow our tips to ensure you get it right…

Tell a story

You should aim to set out your photographs chronologically in the album in order to tell the story of your day from start to finish. If you had an engagement shoot, why not include those photos at the start too?

As you turn the pages of your finished album you should be able to see images of yourself and your groom getting ready for the day; the ceremony; and finally the reception and speeches, with a few extra bits in between.

Include a mix of posed and candid photos

If your photographer used the popular documentary style of photographing your wedding then you should have a nice mix of staged photographs and candid, spontaneous shots. Add a mixture of the two styles to your wedding album to create a different dynamic, allowing you to tell your story more thoroughly.

Include plenty of intimate shots

Whilst you’ll want to include some photos of the friends and family with whom you shared your big day, your wedding album is ultimately your own personal souvenir of the day on which you celebrated your love. You should weight the balance of photographs so that more intimate shots of the two of you are included in the album.

Don’t over-clutter the album

I’m sure you probably love every single photograph that was taken on the day, but it’s unfeasible to include each and every one in your wedding album! Less is definitely more when it comes to showing off your photographs. Be selective and just put one or two pictures on each page of the photo album to allow you to take in the detail of each one properly when you view it. Too many photos on a page will look cluttered and be distracting.