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Love can stretch over decades, touch every aspect of our lives and bring with it some of the highest highs and lowest lows...

But you’re writing a speech for your wedding day or simply trying to tell that special someone how you feel, actually articulating that love often feels impossible. Movies, novels, poetry and a million advice columns have all been written in an attempt to pin down this elusive and at times all-consuming emotion. And one thing is for sure – we’ve got a lot to say about love.

To celebrate all this love, we’ve brought together some of the best romantic movie quotes of all time in an eye-catching and colourful infographic. We’ve selected our twenty favourite love quotes from films spanning cinematic history - from rom-com classics like When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill and Dirty Dancing to science fiction blockbusters such as Terminator and even a few heartwarming selections from the Disney canon.

Every single one of these quotes has something unique to say about love and we hope they’ll provide some inspiration the next time you feel like singing your love from the rooftops. These romantic quotes could even be the perfect finishing touch for any wedding speech or Valentine’s day card (if you feel like adding a bit of cheese!)

Let us know your favourites and feel free to share our infographic, just making sure to reference back to AA Executive Cars.

Best Romantic Movie Quotes Infographic