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Choosing the mode of transport to get you to and from the church is one of the major decisions you make in life. Opt for one of our wedding cars and you know you are going to arrive in style, some couples like to take a different approach though and they choose rather unconventional methods to get to the church on time.

  • Tuk Tuk: More commonly seen on the roads of Asia a tuk tuk is a small three-wheeled taxi that’s basically a motorised rickshaw. You can hire them for weddings in the UK and they certainly create quite an impression when they pull up outside a church.
  • A tank: Would you hire a tank to get you to your wedding? Some grooms do and you can hear them trundling up the road from a mile away. Not sure if a tank is a great option for the bride though, what would she do with the dress?
  • Horse and carriage: What’s wrong with that I hear you say? Nothing is the answer, as long as you don’t pick a pumpkin carriage like the one Katie Price had at her wedding, talk about make an exhibition of yourself.
  • Helicopter: If you’re in a rush and want to avoid the traffic down below why not fly to the church? You’ll need plenty of room to land the helicopter but at least you won’t hit any jams or get held up with a flat tyre!
  • London bus: Hire a bright red Routemaster to take your wedding party to and from the church and there’s no chance of them getting lost. You can hitch a lift back if you like or simply leave them to it as they enjoy a nostalgic ride in a traditional type of transport.
  • Tandem: If you like a laugh why not bike your way from the church on a bicycle made for two? Probably the most impractical type of wedding transport you could choose but it’d certainly make your wedding all the more memorable!