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One of the biggest wedding planning decisions you’ll have to make is where you want the ceremony to take place. You’ve been dreaming of the day for a long time and have an idea of the type of venue you want.

The trick is finding it.

So here’s our quick and simple guide to finding your dream wedding venue.


You know the type of place you want to get married, but where in the world do you want to tie the knot? Would you prefer to marry in your current city? Would you like to go back to your home town? Do it closer to family?

Consider these questions carefully, because the further afield you go, the more expensive the big day will be. Especially if you’re thinking of heading abroad.

Consider your guests too. Where will the majority be travelling from? Is it going to be a problem for them to get there?

Your ceremony and reception

So you’re having a ceremony and reception. The question is: are you having them both at the same venue?

You need to consider that carefully. It may cut down costs having then in one place. But is the ceremony venue equipped for a party atmosphere?

You obviously couldn’t have your reception in a church. But if you marry in a country house or an outdoor venue, you should consider this carefully.

Your budget

One of the most important factors when it comes to deciding where you’ll marry is the budget. The money you have to spend.

You must make sure that you don’t overlook extra costs when it comes to the venue. Will you need to pay more for catering? Will extra seating cost you? Does the package include entertainment?

If all they’re offering is the venue itself for the whole of your budget, it might be worth looking elsewhere.


Now you know where you want to get married and how much you have to play with, it’s time to get down to the hunt.

This can be the most stressful and most rewarding part. I always say it’s a good idea to ask friends and family if they know of anywhere that might be good for you. If not, take to the web. Write down a list of all the venues you like and start to narrow it down based on price, extras included, location and size.

By the end you should have a shortlist of potential wedding venues.

Pay them a visit

The only way you’re going to know if a venue is right for you is by visiting them. So grab your list and coat and head out there.

Remember; when you’re shown around ask plenty of questions. How long’s the waiting list? Do they offer catering or entertainment and so on?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Sleep on it

And when you’ve finally found the place of your dreams, don’t thrust money in their hands. It’s always a good idea to sleep on the decision. You might be swept away by the venue on your first visit, but hate it on your second, so be wary.

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