How to Plan Your Perfect Wedding: The Definitive Guide

July 1, 2015
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Wedding Planning Today: How Things Have Changed


Gone are the days of traditional weddings that incorporated no element of surprise. Couples these days think out of the box to create opportunities for personalized weddings.


Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and the internet has opened gateways for young couples to adapt vivacious wedding ideas and put their own spin on them.

It’s no longer about the bride wearing something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed.


Couples today have much more on their plates when trying to organize a thematic wedding, complete with a perfect venue, selecting a photographer and videographer to formulate their fairytale wedding video, creating the right wedding favors, selecting a perfect dress and running after food and décor vendors, all the while integrating them in to a unique theme!


“How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding: The Definitive Guide” offers a pool of resources incorporating an in-depth coverage of topics centered on wedding planning and how to plan the wedding of your dreams.


How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1

The Budget

It’s no secret that weddings are opulent affairs but you don’t have to break the bank to pay for yours. Weddings are a big boon for businesses in the wedding-related industry but a kick in the wallets for the couple. Wedding plans have the tendency to go astray if the people doing the planning are not careful.

Planning a wedding on a budget alleviates you from the unnecessary burden of loans. No matter how much money you have saved up for your wedding, with the right amount of preparation, organization, zealous budgeting and money saving techniques, you can get the ceremony you aspire for.

Here are some fantastic resources that will help you in establishing and managing your budget when it comes to planning your wedding:


Chapter 2

The Date

Once the news of your engagement is out of the bag, you are constantly bombarded by the inevitable question of “When”. So, when do you want to get married? Until you decide a wedding date, you can’t commit to another aspect of planning.

Your date would guide you down the line as you make important decisions and therefore the choice of the date holds utmost importance. However, before you get deluged by ideas, there are a number of key factors to consider when deciding on a date.

Here is a collection of tremendous resources to guide you through the pitfalls and help you select the perfect date to walk down the aisle:


Chapter 3

The Venue

Your wedding is the most beautiful day of your life and choosing the right venue is the way to commemorate it.

A plethora of wedding venue options necessitate the couple to think about myriad questions before deciding on a venue. Once you have selected the right spot, the remaining details will fall into place.

The venue you pick would set the tone for the entire occasion and so this decision is daunting for most couples as each venue seems more charming than the last. A perfect venue should align seamlessly with your dream wedding fantasy.

Before you become overwhelmed by this process, here is a guide to help you decide what to keep in mind when choosing a venue:


Chapter 4

The Guest List

We are not going to tiptoe around the truth: Preparing a guest list is the most dreaded task during the wedding planning process as it is a daunting task to decide who gets invited to the wedding and who does not without harboring any grudges or causing friction within the family.

Until you are having a wedding at the scale of a royal wedding, chances are you might have to make several drafts of your guest list. Finding the balance between inviting all your loved ones while keeping the number manageable can be overwhelming. Once you set a suitable date, it is time the two of you take a stab at your guest list.

There are several resources on managing your guest list that would help you get past the hassle:

Chapter 5

The Vendors

Have you selected a wedding venue? Congratulations, but your job isn’t done yet. The next step is to select all the pros that will help bring your wedding day dreams to reality: the photographer, the florist, the decorator, etc. choosing reliable vendors helps prevent last minute glitches in your plans.

If you want a wedding that is perfect down to the last detail, you need the help of specialized experts to take care of individual elements so that you can later look back at your big day with fondness. There are a plethora of wedding organizers but selecting the right ones is a prudent task.

Here is a list of resources to help you in your quest and make sure the process goes smoothly:

Chapter 6

The Food

The menu for your wedding reception could range from simple to an elaborate feast. Good food adds class to your soiree. Creating a perfect menu that incorporates your favorite foods while catering to the guests’ taste is a nerve-wracking cause for much thought and debate.

The bottom-line is that your menu should leave the guests smiling and wanting more. Once you pick a palatable menu, the next step is finding a caterer who would help realize it. A host of questions should be reflected on when meeting with a prospective caterer.

Pick the perfect platter for your fete using these resources we have compiled for you:

Chapter 7

The Entertainment

Your guests have painstakingly decked up to come to your wedding and they expect a good time. The mode of entertainment you choose should fit in with your wedding theme and if the guests love it too, it will be the cherry on top of the cake.

Entertainment can make or break a wedding. Ideally, the form of entertainment you select should flow in with your selected theme and enhance the ambiance.

When selecting entertainment for your wedding, several factors must be taken it to consideration. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a form of entertainment:


Chapter 8

The Program

A good wedding ceremony is nothing short of theatre and needs proper planning and timing. A beautiful story unfolds as the wedding progresses through various scenes and any mismanagement would break the spell.

Compiling a viable program helps move your guests along and guides them through the various steps of your ceremony. Your guests would greatly thank you for one. If you aspire to design a program that makes your guests feel they are part of your joy, you need to prepare it with care.

If you are not sure how to design a wedding program or what to write in it, check out these resources to drill yourselves in to the ethics of wedding programs:



Chapter 9

The Wardrobe

The bride and groom are the center of attention during the ceremony and every eye will be focused them. Looking their best on their big day is every couple’s dream. When a bride gracefully walks down the aisle, all eyes are drawn to her dress.

Searching for the right dress incorporates not just aesthetics but also taking in to consideration what flatters your figure. With high-end designers crafting intricate flowy masterpieces, choosing a dress for your wedding could prove overwhelming.

Before dress shopping runs berserk, it is a good idea to find out what you are looking for. Here is a list of the ultimate resources to help you select your dream wedding dress:


Chapter 10

The Wedding

A wedding is a rollercoaster of emotions. Months of planning, laboring and decisions gone past and the big day has finally knocked on the door.

The wedding day jitters a couple experiences, are pretty normal. After months of putting in hard work, anticipating the output makes you nervous.

A couple should be relaxed and happy on their big day. To help you ward off cold feet, here is a list of resources to get your mind to unwind before the ceremony: