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It seems like every other week magazines and newspapers are adorned with photographs of elaborate celebrity weddings. Many brides and grooms feel like they have to live up to these celebrity standards, which usually means over-spending and living beyond their means. With the average wedding costing around £23,000 these days, does it really need to be that way? We’ve put together a list with a few simple ways to save money when planning for your wedding:

  • Venue: When it comes to your wedding venue it pays to be a little bit flexible. If you have your heart set on a particular venue why not choose a weekday or get married out of season? A Saturday wedding in July is likely to cost several times more than a Thursday wedding in October. Let’s face it, in the UK you can’t guarantee it will be sunny in July and autumn is a beautiful time of year! You’ll be saving money on the venue and your friends and family will have something to look forward to in between summer and Christmas!
  • Dress: Of course all eyes will be on the bride on her wedding day, but why should that mean spending thousands of pounds on a designer wedding dress? You can pick up second hand wedding dresses fairly cheap on auction sites and from charity shops. A seamstress or a friend who is a dab-hand with a sewing machine can help you to tailor and customise the dress and make it your own without you having to spend a small fortune.
  • Food: A sit-down meal for all your guests can start to run into thousands of pounds if you’re not careful. A buffet is a good choice for those on a buffet and it will keep your guests happy too. Everyone can choose what they eat and how much they want to eat and you can easily cater for everyone without too much fuss. As for the wedding cake, cupcakes are an increasingly popular option as they are cheaper and already portioned for your guests. A small decorated cake on top of the cupcake tower still allows you to have the traditional cake cutting etc without the fuss of dividing it up for guests.
  • Photographs: You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer there for the whole day. Friends and family will be taking plenty of photos, and you can place disposable cameras on the tables at the reception for guests to capture shots for you. If you feel you want professional shots done then look out for a photography student or newly qualified photographer looking to improve their portfolio as they may be able to offer their services for a reasonable price.
  • Honeymoon: These days most couples have lived together for a while prior to getting married, so they already have all the toasters and gravy jugs they could need! Why not ask wedding guests to make a donation towards your honeymoon instead of giving you the traditional types of gifts.