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Wedding photographers seem to be ten-a-penny these days, so how on earth do you go about choosing who to entrust with the great responsibility of capturing your special day? With our extensive experience in the wedding industry we felt we should impart some of our knowledge and wisdom and help to guide you through the process of choosing a wedding photographer:

  • Choosing a style: Try to have a look on the internet and at wedding photos of friends that have recently got married and try to identify any particular aspects that you like. Some people prefer traditional posed wedding photographs, while others opt for a more fluid, reportage style that features candid and intimate shots throughout the day.
  • Finding a photographer: If you’re of the age where lots of your friends are getting married then they may be able to recommend the photographer that they used. If you’re not able to find any good recommendations then wedding fairs can be a good place to find potential photographers. They’ll usually have a wide variety of shots from their portfolio that you can view, and you’ll get to meet the photographer or one of their team and get a feel for the kind of personality that you’ll be working with on your big day. Go with your gut; if you like the person and like their photography style then go for it!
  • The legal stuff: Make sure the photographer is covered by professional indemnity insurance in case something goes wrong, i.e. something goes wrong with the camera or the footage goes missing. Try to pay for the photographer with a credit card as this should cover you if the photographer goes out of business before the big day etc. Check with your card supplier for full details.
  • The other stuff: In most cases the photographer owns the copyright for the images so any reprints must be ordered through them. The best photographers get booked up years in advance so it’s best to start planning as early as possible! Ask for a breakdown of the costs and don’t be afraid to shop around a little for quotes, but also remember that your wedding photos are one cost you might not want to scrimp on.