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Having bridesmaids assist the bride in the planning of her big day is a long standing tradition. There is no hard and fast rule that states how many bridesmaids you should or shouldn’t have; many people tailor the size of their wedding party to the number of guests and the size of their wedding venue, but it’s usual to have around three to five bridesmaids and a maid of honour. Your bridesmaids will all have to work together in order to assist you in various aspects of the wedding, so it could be a case of the more the merrier or too many cooks! Once you’ve chosen your bridesmaids there are a few things that they will be responsible for:

  • Emotional support: Planning a wedding is very stressful and there will be times when the bride is feeling a little frazzled and in need of some grounding. Her bridesmaids should be there to help her make good decisions etc. The bride may also ask her bridesmaids to do some tasks that free up her time such as arranging hotels for out of town guests.
  • The Hen Party: It is the responsibility of the bridesmaids to ensure that the bride lets her hair down and has a little fun before her wedding day. Some bridesmaids go down the pampering route and arrange a spa day for the hen and the females in her bridal party, while others plan a fun activity like pottery making or go-kart racing, followed usually by a meal and drinks or a raucous night out!
  • Assorted tasks: The bride will need assistance with a variety of things, usually including making and sending out invitations, making and preparing the wedding favours, and helping with seating plans etc. Of course the bride, in most cases, also requires the help of her bridesmaids or at least her maid of honour in choosing her wedding dress!
  • Hostessing: On the big day the bridesmaids will play a big role in assisting other wedding guests and serving as representatives of the bride throughout the day. They’ll help to keep the meet and greet line moving smoothly as guests enter the reception area, introduce guests to one another to encourage mingling, and generally help everyone to feel comfortable at the wedding.

Of course each bride is different and has different needs and expectations from her bridesmaids so it’s important that these expectations are discussed when the bride initially approaches her bridesmaids and asks them to take part.