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For many years the main focus of attention at a wedding was on the bride’s dress but now with the growing popularity and success of baking programmes and home-baking books, our sweet tooth and eye for detail is ever more demanding. Deciding on the perfect wedding cake for your special day can be made a lot simpler if you follow these steps.


1)      Collage your ideas

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of cutting out and sticking! Look at cake/baking and wedding magazines, or search for images online, for inspiration on the visual look of your cake. It can be as simplistic or decorative as you’d like it to be. Create a collage mood-board to put all your initial ideas in one place.


2)      Get creative

If you have a particularly visual mind, grab a pen and pencils and sketch out what you would like your ideal cake to look like. This can give bakers a better idea of what it is that you want but make sure that you explain your designs thoroughly.


3)      Work out your budget

As with all other parts of your wedding planning, deciding on a budget for your cake is a must. Once you know how much you are able or willing to spend you can approach bakeries and caterers that provide services within your price range. It is always better to search for a few different companies so that you can compare prices and even ask for discounts if necessary.


4)      Visit bakeries and caterers

Go to local bakeries and caterers which offer wedding cake services and ask to look at a portfolio of their work. Depending on the style of your wedding, some places may offer specialist services which do or do not fit with what you have already decided upon. Good bakeries will offer tasters to give you an idea of whether the flavours and textures are right for you, and many will provide demonstrations of their decorative elements such as the piping.


5)      Knowing the flavours and style

As well as the visual effect of the cake, knowing the flavours and styles on offer will allow you to tailor the cake to your wedding. The traditional tiered fruitcake with marzipan is no longer an expectation at a wedding so if you’re not a fan then try out alternatives. Baking is becoming increasingly experimental so there’s more flavour combinations than ever.


It’s also worth thinking outside the box! For those who aren’t so keen on traditional wedding cake or even cake in general, many bakeries and caterers will be able to offer you alternatives. Cupcake wedding cakes, cookie assortments, cheese cake, chocolate cake and croquembouche (a traditional French dessert consisting of a high cone of profiteroles bound together with caramel), are just a few different ideas. Also, if you have a particular theme for your wedding, themed cakes can be made to work alongside this. Just don’t be afraid to do your research, and ask!