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Now winter is coming to an end, we’re starting to think about spring weddings. March and April time is certainly a popular time for weddings, but what is it that makes a spring wedding so appealing?


When you think of springtime, you think of the colours. You know, pastel pinks, pastel blues, pastel greens – that’s right, some of the most popular colours to choose for wedding themes at the moment.

So not only is it easy to shop for your bridesmaids if you’re looking for dresses in the pastel palette, but stationery and decoration shopping will be a breeze too. There’s so much choice out there!

Longer days

When spring kicks in it means saying goodbye to the dark early evenings and mornings, and hello longer days! The couple of extra hours of sunshine means you and your guests can enjoy the light a little longer on your big day – and think of the romantic sunset!


Instead of having to wrap up in fur shrugs or big jackets to stay warm, you and your wedding guests can embrace the warmer temperatures. That means being outside for the wedding photos or waiting to go into the reception venue will be considerably less painful. You could even brave an outdoor or marquee wedding.


So we’ve spoken about the gorgeous colours that perfectly suit a spring wedding, plus the sunshine and warmer temperatures that come with the season – now it’s time to think about how beautiful it will look in your wedding photos! Embrace the beauty of spring by surrounding yourself with daffodils, peonies and everything else associated with spring.


If you’re opting for a spring wedding, you can really experiment with your wedding fashion – brides and bridesmaids! Like we said, the pastel palette is a popular one for the VIP girls, but think about flower crowns and flower hairbands to really incorporate the floral season. Perhaps even a short tea-length dress if the bride is looking to stand out?

What are your spring wedding ideas?