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Getting married or having a civil ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and commitment to one another. But, let’s face it, all the planning and preparation leading up to the big day is pretty stressful! Months and months of dress fittings, seating arrangements and tirelessly attempting to please everyone else can lead some brides and grooms to burn out a little!

After all that, it’s no surprise that many newly married couples choose to get as far away as possible from stress and organisation. An exotic honeymoon is the perfect way to relax, unwind and start married life as you mean to go on! Read on to get the low-down on 5 of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world:

 Fiji: Nestled in the South Pacific, Fiji is made up of 322 islands, each one a slice of complete and utter paradise. Lush green landscapes meet endless stretches of white sand, surrounded by the clearest, most iridescent waters you’ll ever see! Adventurous couples can spend their days surfing and snorkelling. If you’re there for relaxation then there’s plenty of that around too! Just step out of your luxury beachside hut onto your own private beach and while away the hours listening to the waves and getting lost in a good book!

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French Polynesia: There are a variety of stunning places to visit in French Polynesia, such as Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Taha’a. There are plenty of water sports to get your teeth into, such as jet skiing, as well as sunset catamaran cruises. The hilly landscape inland also makes for a great day’s hiking, or why not view it via helicopter for a truly panoramic experience!

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The Bahamas: It’s not hard to see why the Bahamas are already a firm favourite amongst honeymooners. As soon as you step off the plane you’ll feel relaxation wash over you instantly. The Bahamas provide the ultimate in idyllic honeymoon destinations; it has the sandy white beaches, the crystal clear ocean and the hot weather to match! Snorkelling, diving and fishing are all popular activities, as is soaking up the sun on your private beach!

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The Seychelles: 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean make up the Seychelles. The white sandy beaches are characterised by large, smooth boulders that look as though they were dotted around by a giant many moons ago! The Seychelles are great for adventurous couples that want to spend their honeymoon hopping between the islands and partaking in a variety of water sports from snorkelling to kayaking.

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The Maldives: Another firm favourite amongst honeymooners, the Maldives are the perfect secret island getaway. They sit atop a massive underwater mountain range, and aerial views reveal the incredible mosaic of coral reefs surrounding the islands. If you have any interest in diving to see Manta rays, reef sharks and turtles then the Maldives is definitely the place for you! Don’t worry, you’ll still find the usual white sandy beaches and experience ultimate relaxation in the Maldives!

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