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When it comes to your wedding you want everything to perfect. And rightly so! This is a mementos occasion and so everything must go right.

That includes your transport. Not only do you want it to look great, but you want to arrive on time too right?

Well here we’re going to outline some advice to help ensure that you get the wedding car that’s right for you.

The car type

The most important decision you’re going to have to make in terms of transport is what style of vehicle you are looking for. Is there a theme for your wedding? Will a certain style fit in well with that theme?

Have a look at different wedding cars that are available for hire out there and make a final decision.


Once you know which type of car you want you’re going to have to find a service that offers it within your area. This can be a little tricky. Chauffeur and car hire services have a fleet of vehicles, and the car you want might not feature in that fleet, so be prepared to compromise.

You should also put each service you look at through a vetting process. Which company has the longest experience? Do they all have the necessary qualifications? Check out our ‘questions you should ask of chauffeur services’ blog to help narrow your search.

Pay a visit

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to just a handful of companies pay each of them a visit. There’s no better indicator of which car is right for you than actually seeing it in person. Take someone with you who knows cars too. Have them look it over to make sure that everything is in order.

You don’t want it breaking down on the way to the chapel do you?


Lastly, compare costs between the companies. I’m going to go ahead and guess that you do have a set budget, so if you can find a reliable company with the car you want that’s well within your budget you’ve hit the jackpot!

Don’t neglect giving plenty of time to finding your wedding car. It’s a very important part of your big day!