Sunshine Fiesta Colour Pallette

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Getting married this spring and want to know the best wedding colours for 2019?

Empowering not overpowering, these vibrant and sunny hues, ooze confidence and joy without trying too hard. They encapsulate the quintessential emotions of a special spring wedding day – love, joy and happiness. And pastel wedding colours are so last year, right?

Whether bright and bold, or a more understated theme is your cup of tea, the best thing about this collection of tones is that they can be mixed and matched – or paired with more neutral shades depending on your style. Whatever your preference, there is no denying that this selection of spring wedding colours for 2019 will add a little warmth to your day (even if it does rain!).

According to Pantone, these are the colours that you can expect to see across fashion and design this year – so take a look at these Top 12 Spring Wedding Colours for 2019 and decide for yourself.

1) Coral Coastline

Pantone Colours: Living Coral, Soybean, Eclipse, Aqua Sky

Coral Coastline Pallette


It would be rude not to start with Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year ‘Living Coral’. A simply gorgeous shade, it’s subtle enough to blend in with more traditional pastel wedding themes and bright enough to make an impact. Contrast with aqua and stone for refreshing ocean vibes, and add a splash of navy to bring it back to earth with class and sophistication. Refreshing, fun and cheery – this wedding colour scheme is bound to brighten up your day.

2) Sunshine Fiesta

Pantone Colours: Jester Red, Fiesta, Aspen Gold, Soybean

Sunshine Fiesta Colour Pallette


Red wedding colour palettes can often be seen as garish, however a playful splash of yellow and orange transforms the day into a fun and fruity feista! Uplifting and passionate, this unique wedding colour theme will effortlessly add warmth and joy to the party.

Idea: Not quite ready for red bridesmaid dresses? A simple bright bouquet of these colours contrasts gorgeously with neutral whites and creams.

3) Spring Awakening

Pantone Colours: Aspen Gold, Pepper Stem

Spring Awakening Colour Pallette


A sunny and ripe yet earthy palette, this colour scheme is perfect for spring weddings. Nature, earth and re-growth spring to mind, perfect for those of you that want a no nonsense affair with a bit of a zing! This spring colour scheme is Ideal for outdoor or humanist weddings where less is more.

Idea: Too minimal? Add a touch of champagne gold to glitz up this spring wedding colour theme.

4) Down to Earth

Pantone Colours: Navy, Sweet corn, Brown Granite and Terrarium Moss

Down to Earth Colour Pallette


Who said bright is always right? Not traditionally the ‘go to’ wedding colour, Khaki is extremely on-trend for 2019 and if paired with the right colours (see above) it is bound to turn heads. With its connotations with the military, this theme is reminiscent of a post-war era romance. All is fair in love and war!

Idea: Why not throw a bit of ‘Living Coral’ into your wedding bouquet if you do want to warm things up a little?

5) Citrus Crush

Pantone Colours: Living Coral, Pressed Rose, Olive, Turmeric

Citrus Crush Colour Palette


This spring wedding colour palette screams fun, with organic natural tones of olive, rose, coral and turmeric this bright bubbly colour palette is inspired by nature’s most vibrant shades. The earthy tones can be paired with fresh reviving orange for a citrus burst of whimsical romance.

Idea: Include citrus fruits on the wedding cake and table decorations to really embrace the refreshing zesty theme.

6) Rustic Royalty

Pantone Colours: Princess Blue, Brown Granite, Mango Mojito, Brown Granite

Rustic Royal Colour Palette


A classic look reinvented. Neutral base tones of brown and white alongside yellow bring a rustic countryside romance to the occasion, and the blue adds a royal jewel to the crown. Once the underdog, yellow is steadily becoming used more frequently as a wedding colour, and the royal blue and yellow complement each other perfectly.  This yellow and blue wedding theme is playful yet sophisticated and the perfect way to incorporate that ‘something blue’.

7) Sweet Lilac

Pantone Colours: Aspen Gold, Sheer Lilac, Soybean, Sweet Lilac, Pepper Stem

Sweet Lilac Colour Palette


The ultimate countryside spring shindig! The sweet lilac adds a heavenly hue whilst the yellow adds a bit of fun. The key with this colour theme is to keep the main elements simple and use the brighter shades to add pops of colour. Yellow, purples and greens can be combined in the floral elements easily with spring blooms. This scheme is soft and serene and encapsulates a more delicate, feminine wedding colour palette.

Idea: Want to go even softer? Switch to pastel lemon yellow and lavender for a more delicate vibe.

8) Red, White and Blue

Pantone Colours: Jester Red, Sweet corn, Terrarium Moss, Eclipse

Red White and Blue Colour Palette


Passionate red paired down by earthy moss and bright heavenly white – there is something quite breathtaking about this wedding colour palette. Embracing the ‘red, white and blue’, this scheme feels quite traditional whilst still being unique and making a statement. Whilst this palette suits a spring or summer wedding, it transcends all seasons and would make a dramatic autumn wedding too.

Idea: Why not brighten the colours up a notch and host a British style afternoon tea party themed reception?

9) Pretty Peacock

Pantone Colours: Pink Peacock, Princess Blue, Brown Granite, Sweet corn

Pretty Peacock Colour Palette


Bored of traditional wedding colour themes? This bright bold colour palette is perfect for those of you that like to stand out and make a statement. Even on a showery spring day, the hot pinks and bright blues are bound to add warmth and life to the party! Why play by the rules?

10) Neapolitan Nostalgia

Pantone Colours: Pressed Rose, Soy Bean, Toffee

Neopolitan Nostalgia Colour Palette


Simply delicious! This versatile and subtle colour palette will add a vintage softness to any spring 2019 wedding. With smooth chocolaty notes, creamy creams and soft floral pinks, this is the ideal spring wedding colour theme for the more classic couple.

Idea: Why not hire a vintage ice cream or sweetie cart to complete the theme?

11)  Club Tropicana

Pantone Colours: Pink Peacock, Mango Mojito, Fiesta, Eclipse

Club Tropicana Colour Palette


Who needs a beach wedding when you can bring the tropics to the UK with this zesty colour palette? Inspired by Hawaiian flowers, this dramatic and energetic wedding colour scheme will transport you and your guests into an exotic paradise of your own!

Idea: Why not embrace the theme with hibiscus flowers and fruity wedding favours?


12) Classic Coral

Pantone Colours: Eclipse, Living Coral, Granite

Classic Coral Colour Palette


This coral, navy and brown wedding colour palette is quirky yet classic, perfect for those that want to stand out whilst remaining chic. It’s bold enough to wow your guests but sophisticated enough to make your day feel exclusive. This colour palette brings traditional class whilst remaining on-trend with Pantone’s colour of 2019, ‘Living Coral’.

Add dazzling gold highlights to these top Pantone spring colours to add contrast to the natural coral and greys. Gorgeous!


So now you know the Top 12 Spring Wedding Colours for 2019 – which combination will you pick?