Mercedes Limousine
mid 90’s mercedes limousine ( 7 seater) old english whit

Perfect for the bride who’s looking for a more modern classic, our Mercedes limo wedding car hire includes this stunning seven seater in traditional Old English White. This slightly off-white colour allows the bride’s dress to stand out brilliantly, or can be the perfect vehicle for the bridesmaids to follow behind one of our vintage wedding cars.

We’ve chosen the Mercedes limo for its exceptional roominess and high roofline – ensuring you have plenty of space for the wildest hats and fascinators. Access to the rear seats is easy and the wide doors and low floor ensure that a graceful exit is possible in even the most restrictive grown. The extra seating means you can move your entire bridal party without any quibbles over who rides behind the bride and provides substantial savings over hiring two separate saloons. Combine Mercedes limo wedding car hire with one of our Beaufords or our American Ford Roadster Convertible and you can have matching colours that create a striking lead to your wedding procession.

Click any of the photos on the page to enlarge them for a clearer view of our Mercedes – and whether you choose it as your main wedding car or a complement to one of our vintage models, you’re assured a wedding car that’s in immaculate condition and looked after to the highest standards.

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