As one of the most iconic wedding cars, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud has been a mainstay of British nuptials almost since the day it first appeared. The striking lines, the imposing size and the unrivalled ride quality have helped it to secure a place in automotive history. Gliding along at 60pmh in near silence, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud wedding car hire lets you experience the combination of British design and engineering in its finest form.

The Silver Cloud is a masterpiece – boasting a huge amount of space inside that can accommodate even the largest wedding gown. The sizable doors and ingenious design features make getting in and out a simple task that can be achieved with elegance and composure – ideal when you have a photographer waiting to snap your arrival.

Only produced for three years, ours is the 1962 version – complete with a revolutionary aluminium V8 that stayed in service up until the 1990s. Popular in both Britain and America the Silver Cloud was the epitome of luxury, and garnered respect and admiration everywhere it went. If you’re looking for the ultimate in elegance and comfort – Rolls Royce Silver Cloud wedding car hire provides the pinnacle of motoring. Click to enlarge any of our photos – or call us today for more information on the Silver Cloud.

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