1931 PRE WAR TAXIS Wedding Car Hire

If you’re getting married in London, what better way to add a little fun to your special day than with one of our adorable pre-war taxis. Far more roomy than today’s modern cabs, these Austin taxis were familiar sights throughout the capital and many other cities across the UK. Built in 1931, our taxis have been lovingly restored to immaculate condition – featuring five seats and a drop-down hood to give you a great view and a chance to enjoy the glorious weather you’re dreaming of for your summer wedding.

If you hadn’t considered a pre-war taxi for wedding car hire – spend a moment or two looking at the photos of our fantastic Austin cabs, they make fantastic talking points and are certainly a break from the traditional Mercedes or Rolls Royce. The generous running boards and open design makes our pre-war taxi a perfect prop for your wedding photos, and the deep blue bodywork becomes a great backdrop to emphasise your white wedding dress.

With nearly eighty years of stories to tell these pre-war taxis have seen it all, and your wedding will be the latest addition to a tale that spans war, peace and coronations in the capital. Talk to us today about pre-war taxis for wedding car hire or click through to check availability and prices on our enquiry page now.

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